We’ll help you create amazing

Get in touch with us for more information on how the app works, technical details, a launch strategy or an implementation workshop to get your app built. We’ll walk you through every step of the process from initial planning to post-launch ongoing success.

We can show you case studies on how the Scratcher app can bring your business increased traffic, ROI and brand loyalty.


Take advantage of our generosity, in beautiful US dollars:


Phone call or online web demo

Grab a coffee and let’s chat through the app, it’s features and answer any questions you’ve got. We’ll walk you through how you can customize the app specifically for your business and what sort of ROI it can bring. 

With an online web demo, we’ll also go through the management platform with a Screen Share. Get ready to be amazed.

Cost: Free. You read this correctly.


On premise meeting with our team to discuss in more detail

We’ll come to you, so you can meet our team in person. Most of us like a latte but some prefer decaf. We’ll go through the app, management platform and proven operation strategies in detail with you. It’s always better when we’re together.

You’ll be able to test drive everything and we can answer any general or technical questions you may have.

We’ll figure out the best way to customize the app for your needs, start forming a roadmap and set you up with your very own test app to play around with once the meeting is over.

Cost: $3,500 plus economy class travel and a night at the Holiday Inn.


Implementation planning workshop

We’ll run through everything in fine detail, taking you through what a successful launch looks like.

We’ll work out the specific technical details and ideal features for your custom app and create a simple roadmap for the app to go live in the app stores.

We’ll also create a complete launch and growth strategy for the app, helping strategize a pre and post launch management plan based on previous successful app launches.

Cost: $8,000 plus the best plane rates on Expedia and a night or two at a Motel 6.

Contact us here

adam@stunbusiness.com  |  (562) 584 3045

kevin@stunbusiness.com  |  (778) 266 1721 


How we can help

We’re a full service technical and marketing agency. This means not only can we build you the app of your dreams, we can also help with all of your creative, marketing and graphic work.

Look at how transparent we are. No need to ask for costs because here they are in freshly minted $USD. Bet your other agencies don’t do that.


Basic Video Work


We’ll create a 30 - 60 second video to promote within the app, social media or your website.


Advanced Video Work


We’ll create a 60+ second video to promote within the app, social media or your website.


Online Text/Image Ads


We’ll create a full suite of 10 image and text ads for online marketing on Google, Facebook or any other online ad platform.


Online Video Ads


We’ll create a set of three short videos built specifically for online marketing, with the required specs for Facebook/Google/Twitter or any other platform.


In-App Graphics: Screens

$780 per screen

We can create a branded screen for the app.


In-App Graphics: Coupons/Barcodes

$200 per prize

We can create all the prize image coupons for the app for a specific promotional period.


In-App Graphics: Messaging

$500 per image

We can create copy and imagery for an in-app message to your consumers.


POP/POS Graphic Work

$1,200 per unit

We can create graphics made for print to be used for POP/POS material.


Marketing Plan Work


We will create a full marketing plan for the next year surrounding the Scratch and Win app.


Upgrade to Premium Support

$8,000 per month

Upgrade from your Pro support plan to a Premium support plan at any time for $8k/month.


Additional Support Work

$280 per hour

We will do any additional support work not included in the Pro support plan, charged on an hourly rate.


New Feature Proposal


We will work with you to scope out, and create a detailed proposal for any new feature you’d like added into the app. *This is free with the ‘premium’ support package.


Creative Idea Work

$1,850 per day

We can dive into your business and provide you with creative ideas for the app. This will include things such as: promotional strategies, new features to utilize, storytelling ideas, graphic design ideas for in-store POP or in-app, deep dive into the analytics to obtain useful information on changes we can make and much more.