Craft a new deck

You know your stuff. We’ve got the design and storytelling smarts. That’s a winning combination. 

It all starts with a Discovery Session

We sit down with you to find out all about your business. 

Who you are.

What you want.

Who your audience is. What they want. 

There might be a whiteboard involved, there will be lots of listening face but no mood boards will be used. Those are for craft projects. We do slides, not scrap booking.

Once we’ve found out what we need, we’ll work out how many slides you’ll need and give you a cost. Our prices are transparent – check them out.

We offer many levels of input into the process:

Make it pretty

Make it pretty

If you’ve got everything written and just need a sweet design job check out our Stun Your Own service

Make it perform

Make it perform

If you’ve got some idea of what you want to say, we can work with you to shape and edit your copy, and then add the stunning design.

Make it pay

Make it pay

Leave it with us. Armed with the information from our Discovery Session, we’ll go away and get started. That's when we apply our experience and the latest storytelling and design techniques to create a masterpiece that gets results.

Working for you 

The quote we give you covers one round of changes. And if anything unexpected comes up during the process, we’ll give you the cost before we do it. 


Done and dusted 

At the end, we give you the final work in the form that’s the most use to you. We know what that will be because we asked you during the Discovery Session. We can also help train you or your team to use whatever we’ve created.